Business Advisory Services

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During our investment banking careers, we have spoken with, met with, developed relationships with and/or advised the management teams at several thousand companies.  Because we specialize in working with IT and Business Services companies, we understand the business model characteristics which enable successful companies to prosper and cause less-than-successful companies to falter.  We are current on macro and micro industry trends, appear at industry and “C-level” roundtables, and are in contact with the market share leaders and the emerging growth companies.  Additionally, we track industry metrics, conduct benchmarking, and compile compensation packages as well as employee incentive structures.  On consulting assignments, we are able to convey this expertise and value to clients for their benefit.

Board Membership
We have served on Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards of successful companies.  We understand the requirements and unique platform to add value which each Board seat presents.  Given our detailed knowledge of IT and Business Services companies, we will consider opportunities to serve in situations where we believe that our experience and relationships will have the greatest impact.

Industry-Specific Roadmaps
Our IT and Business Services industry specialization allows us to add value in unique ways, above and beyond those which may be offered by “big banks.”  Periodically, we are approached by clients who know that they have built good companies but find themselves stuck in “no man’s land”—somewhere between the start-up phase and the “end game.”  We are able to help them to define their “end game” and identify actionable steps over the course of a defined timeline to get there.