M&A Advisory Services

Sellside Assignments / Recapitalizationschess-tournament-300x300

Frequently entrepreneurs, IT and Business Services company founders/owners and private equity firms retain us to represent their companies in private sale transactions. In certain situations, they may seek to sell 100% of their holdings. In other cases, they may choose to sell only a portion of their shares in order to: (i) achieve personal liquidity; (ii) attract a financial partner while recapitalizing the company’s balance sheet; or (iii) undertake a new growth initiative. Whatever the case, they hire us to optimize outcomes in straightforward situations and to apply our creativity in difficult situations. Unlike many other investment banks, we take the time to work with clients well in advance of their decisions to embark on these transactions. During this period, we invest in relationships with them, contribute market data, intellectual capital, experience and wisdom, earn their trust and respect, and hopefully enable them to make smarter decisions about their transactions.  This increases the likelihood that they will achieve optimal outcomes.

Buyside Programs
Because we work exclusively with IT and Business Services companies, we regularly represent large companies in these sectors as they define and execute long-term acquisition strategies. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to identify logical target companies for them readily. Our relationships with many of these target companies position us to reach them, at the CEO level, expeditiously. Because we have developed such a deep database of contacts and a unique approach to managing acquisition programs and processes, we are able to deliver real results for acquirers.

Corporate Divestitures
Divestitures of business units by parent companies, like private sale transactions, can be complex and time-consuming. Sellers are interested in speed of execution and certainty of closing. Because we have detailed knowledge of the IT and Business Services acquirer universe, we are able to find the ‘right’ buyers quickly—and sometimes preemptively—for sellers. Working with parent companies and their business units, we will design unique and efficient sale processes which generate outcomes that deliver against expectations, provide speedy execution and produce a high likelihood of closing

Even great companies can fall on hard times. Partnering with us, distressed IT and Business Services companies and their investors can “find a light at the end of the tunnel.” Because our relationships extend from equity investors to lenders who understand the issues which are unique to these companies, we are able to design solutions which convey value to them and their shareholders—even in complex situations.