Specialization and Perspective

We provide expert investment banking advice and execution to middle market companies.img15-298x300

We work almost exclusively with IT and Business Services companies so that our clients can benefit from our focus.  We believe that it is very important for them to know that: (i) we do not dilute our efforts with coverage of other sectors; and (ii) our relationships reside with constituencies which are/will be important to them.  We also know that specializing enables us to be “in the flow” and to access proprietary data on transactions completed for other IT and Business Services companies.

Having served in senior positions at leading, global investment banks, we know that we can provide clients with a level of sophistication which is not typically available to middle market companies.  We have successfully negotiated complex transactions and have real expertise in cross-border merger/acquisition deal structuring.  Most smaller firms are unable to deliver this skill set.

Our priorities are to: (i) deliver unbiased, creative advice to our clients; (ii) “tell them what we think rather than what we think that they want to hear;” (iii) produce optimal outcomes for them and negotiate transactions that ‘work,’ both now and over the long term; and (iv) as the result of the quality of our advice and execution, earn the right to become their trusted investment banking advisor going forward.