Capital Raising Services

sidebar-img-2-300x286We provide clients with access to privately-sourced equity and debt capital (both senior and subordinated/mezzanine) to enable them to: (i) fund organic growth; (ii) finance acquisitions; (iii) transition ownership; and (iv) undertake minority and dividend recapitalizations.  We have regular dialogues with investors who are very knowledgeable about IT and Business Services companies and are eager to commit capital to successful companies in these markets.

Because we have had broad experience helping clients to execute IPOs successfully, we are able to provide them with first-hand, professional advice as they prepare for all aspects of the IPO process, including underwriter selection.  Going public is no small task.  In order to “do it right,” companies should expect to spend months preparing before meeting with potential underwriters to begin the process.

Direct Investments
We distinguish ourselves from other investment banks by our ability to advise clients on important capital raising transactions as well as our willingness to invest directly in them. We typically participate alongside lead investors in financings in which we have an investment banking role, but we may also participate in transactions in which we have developed a relationship directly with the issuing company or lead investor. In this respect, we may operate and behave more like a “merchant bank” than an investment bank. We want to partner with our clients as they enjoy success in addition to assisting and advising them on important initiatives. Our investments may include: (i) venture capital for emerging growth companies; (ii) growth capital for more established companies; or (iii) capital for leverage acquisitions or recapitalizations for growth-oriented companies with strong cash flows.